Music Video Review: Matt Alber’s ‘Handsome Man’

What I like about this video is the interaction between the two men in the video is a little more realistic to how gay relationships relationships actually are. The two men cuddle, hug, kiss, touch and undress one another in a morning afterglow.

Often in media, our portrayals with our partners are much more chaste; think Drake Jensen’s ‘On My Way to Finding You’ or Tom Goss’s ‘Lover.’ Both, those videos take a more conservative approach to there subjects: hugging, hand-holding and kissing that is just brief enough to make the viewer aware that these men are more than just friends or family.

I am glad to see that we are moving more in a direction of depicting ourselves as a truer reflection of who we are. I am glad we are feeling more comfortable with ourselves and our own sexuality to not stuff it in the closet even though we may be out on an intellectual or social level. It’s one more thing that makes us truly equal and not second-class.

Learn more about Matt Alber

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