Social Media as a Tool to Tell Our Story, and Change Hearts and Minds

A Huffington Post article highlights how social media has helped to bring out a change in attitude, if not doctrine, within the Mormon faith:

The phrase ‘gay Mormon’ was not part of our vocabulary prior to 2011,” said the evening’s organizer, Mitch Mayne, before the event. “And if we did say it, it was fringe and full of stereotypes, like we were all hiding in the closet and full of self-loathing or we were out of the church entirely and putting on body glitter and Speedos.”

That has since changed — as demonstrated by the standing-room-only crowd that included more than a half-dozen local Mormon officials. Today, many people who identify as both Mormon and LGBT are gaining acceptance within the wider LDS church and culture.

Many credit Mayne, 43, with fostering this change when he became the first publicly gay Mormon executive secretary – a leadership position in service of a bishop – in 2011, a post he held for more than two years in a church that has an all-volunteer, all-male clergy.

The first tool in Mayne’s arsenal? Social media

— Facebook, Twitter and the popular blog he started when he became executive secretary to chronicle his experience as both gay and Mormon.

“Social media has enabled us to coalesce and create informed allies inside the Mormon faith and build the recognition that how we respond to LGBT individuals is everyone’s concern,” Mayne said after the event. “I have great faith in Mormons. They really want this change.”

LGBT Mormons are not the only minority group to harness social media and the Internet. Several other factions have taken to Facebook, Twitter and the blogosphere to push back against church norms and a culture they consider unfair, outdated, and, at times, hateful:

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