Telling Our Story: Gay Cowboys in Australia

Meet Dan and Miki. Two gay cowboys living out their dream life of ranching in Australia. What’s important about the telling of this story is finding the self you are most comfortable with.

Dan’s self-confidence isn’t a gift he was born with. In his 20s, his perceived tension between an adolescence spent living on a farm and his newly realized identity as a gay man led him to believe that the two couldn’t coexist.

He left the home that he loved and moved to the city to try and “make it” in the life he thought he was supposed to have. He changed the way he dressed, the music he listened to and the places he frequented, all to try and adhere to an image in his head.

An image, he would eventually learn, was just not right for him.

Butch, femme, androgynous or gender non-conforming. Be the most authentic and true you; because you should be. Stereotyping can become an internal perception as much as an external one. There is not one; or even just a collection of, gay types. There is a whole rainbow spectrum of our community. Telling our story helps not only to bring that fact to the attention of the world but also to ourselves.

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