Safe Sex Poster Gallery has a brief gallery of safe sex posters though the years. From the article:

The public awareness campaigns surrounding HIV/AIDS have been a staple of urban billboards, bus shelters, and LGBT magazines for decades. The messages promoting prevention and testing have taken every possible tack. But which message works best?

From the via the Center for Sex and Culture
Left: “Positive negative [+/-} Jackback”, Artist: David McDiarmid, Courtesy of Acon Health Unlimited, Australia
Center: “Outliving”, 1993, Compass Project, SF AIDS Foudnation Funded by San Francisco Department of Public Health, Photo: Stan Musilek, Design: Scott Sidorsky, Digital Imaging: Texas Unlimited Inc, 1993
Right: “Safe Sex Is Hot Sex”, Red Hot Organization, Photo: Steven Meisel, 1991

Do the menacing ads promote stigma? Do the ads with muscled, smiling men reduce the urgency of testing? The images’ transformations over the years tell the story of developing priorities and innovative strategies, and a growing awareness that HIV doesn’t discriminate.

View the full gallery

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