Nashville, Tennessee’s 25 Most Beautiful People

And they are not who you think. Nashville Lifestyles magazine’s 2014 25 most beautiful people goes beyond singers and actors. This list of lookers includes business people, health professionals, news and sports casters:

photo from Nashville Lifestyles

Wendy Oakes Wilhelm — Orthodontist as WOW Orthodontics
What is one thing that most people don’t know about you? I went to the University of Tennessee on a swimming scholarship. My lifelong dream was to swim in the Olympics. That dream died when a girl named Trina Radke spit in my lane before a race. Her nickname was “Rocky” and she had a mohawk. This girl was Olympic material, I was not.

photo from Nashville Lifestyles

Sharon Roberson — Attorney
What is your definition of a beautiful person? When you peel back the onion and reach the spirit inside the person still looks beautiful.
What activity brings you the most joy? Running and reading. In reality I love all forms of exercise. I love to run and have done boot camp, tai chi, Zumba, BodyPump, step, kickboxing, Pilates, hot yoga, yoga, TRX, etc. I also get really excited by a good book. I love to push myself physically and mentally.

photo from Nashville Lifestyles

Matt Williams — Entrepreneur, Actor, Host of Nashville Underground Radio
What is your definition of a beautiful person? Confident and kind. Without those two, the rest doesn’t really matter. I also think intelligence and having a great sense of humor are beautiful attributes (and I’m a sucker for pretty eyes).
Is there an accomplishment that you are particularly proud to share? I got ordained and married two of my best friends! That was a surreal thing, overseeing arguably the most important day in a couple’s life. I made people laugh and cry; it went surprisingly well except I forgot to say one simple sentence, “You may be seated.” Everyone stood the entire service

See the full list of 25

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