What’s the Rest of This Navy Couple’s Story?

marriage proposal

MM2 2nd Class Jerrel Revels proposes to his boyfriend, Dylan Kirchner, at the Naval Submarine Base on Monday. Mass Communication Specialist 2nd Class Kristina Young / U.S. Navy Photo

The end of 2014 brought the highlighting of Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel’s holiday message which included a proposal by a same sex couple. The couple, pictured at right, are MM2 2nd Class Jerry Revels and Dylan Kirchner. The photo was taken in August 2013 and as noted by The Day news outlet, the couple had not set a date.

While we are celebrating the inclusion of a same-sex couple in Hagel’s message, especially after initial doubts raised about his support of same-sex couples, it’d be even better to celebrate Revels and Kirchner by having an update on them as well.

Does anyone have more information? Have set a date or gotten married? If the latter, are their photos? If anyone has any info or can provide a way to contact these fine young men, please let me know. It’d be great to know where are they now and congratulate them on their upcoming or already taken place marriage.

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