This is How the Balance Of Power Works

Finally, someone who understands how our governmental system of checks and balances works. From

A federal judge has ruled that Alabama’s ban on gay marriage is unconstitutional.

While state leaders have decried the subversion of the will of the majority, that is precisely the point of the court ruling — and the U.S. Constitution — that the majority cannot impose its will on minorities when it comes to fundamental rights. While some voicing this don’t understand the laws at work here, surely those such as Gov. Robert Bentley, Speaker Mike Hubbard and other legislators do.

Checks and balances is how our government was set up to work. Political power is not to reside with one central place; not even the people. Our government was designed in such a way to provide a balance of power; to provide a system where if a law or action were unfair, there was a way to challenge it. It’s why we wound up with constitutional amendments banning gay marriage in first place and it is, also, why those amendments are now falling.

Read the full op-ed

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