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Why It Gets Better: Lesbian and Gay Seniors Tell Us Via Video

From the website, comes this little gem of Lesbian and Gay seniors explaining what life was like for them when they were young; their thoughts on the world today for LGBTs; and advice for young LGBT folks. Just the emotional … Continue reading

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Headline of the Day: Gay Marriage Court Decision and Legacy

Though completely unrelated, I thought the yellow insert; which is for a fitness chain, and the headline of Washington, DC’s Express were complimentary of each other. Read the full article

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Quote of the Day: The Meaning of Religious Freedom in Opposition to Equality

…they are going around using the phrase “religious freedom” whenever they really mean to say “overextending our faith so that it can be used to discriminate against LGBT people in the public sector.” — Jeremy Hooper, blogger, Good As You,  ‘Deflating … Continue reading

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Gay Places and Spaces Have Less Pitfalls than Gay Apps

Every now an again their is a worry in the community that gay bars are going to be extinct thanks to the convenience of gay social apps for your phone like Grindr, Scruff and Guy Spy. But a YouTube video … Continue reading

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