Which U.S. State Will Legalize Same-Sex Marriage Last?

With marriage equality cases to be heard before the Supreme Court in April of 2015 and many states in one status of marriage limbo or another, The Washington Post opines on which state may be the last in our nation to legally allow gay couples to wed:


Current status: Decision overturning prohibition is under appeal.

Arkansas, in our estimation, seems less likely to be the last to allow gay marriage for the simple fact that it will be the subject of enormous scrutiny over the next two years. Democratic presidential candidate Hillary Clinton will be hard-pressed not to use as an example the state for which she served as first lady in discussions of the need to expand civil rights — especially as she tries to demonstrate her commitment to the topic.
Odds it is last: 15-1



Current status: Case before the Supreme Court.

Michigan might be home to the worst university in America, but its politics are usually more liberal than this issue might suggest. That’s why we used it in the start of this article, up at the top of this page. (Scroll up to view it.)

We’ll note, too, that the state briefly allowed gay couples to marry, until the practice was put on hold pending a court decision. Michigan has done it before; it’s easy to assume it will do it again.
Odds it is last: 50-1



Current status: Case before the Supreme Court.

Ohio can never make up its mind whether it wants to embrace its status as a Midwestern, down-home-values state or as a state that’s home to several large cities and a legacy of blue-collar Democratic politics. That’s why it’s so popular every four years. It seems unlikely that Ohio would be the last hold-out, though, particularly with a Supreme Court decision only a few months away.
Odds it is last: 30-1

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