Is This Religious Freedom: Kicking You Out of A Cab?

In the debate over Religious Freedom and, specifically, Religious Freedom Restoration Acts; like the one that was signed into law by Indiana, the main example that people bring up on both sides of the issue is the baker would not want to make a cake for a gay wedding. But gay lives and our interactions for services extend far beyond the doors of any bakery.

Take the below report on of two men who were kicked out of a cab for kissing:

A Chicago cab driver is facing assault charges for kicking two gay men out of his car.

Mahdi Hared forced Shadi Ramini and Seth Day to exit his cab in the Margate Park neighborhood April 1 after he witnessed the pair kissing, reports the Chicago Tribune. The driver refused to take them to their destination.


“I should be able to kiss whoever I want. If it had been a female I was kissing, there would have been no problem,” Day said in an email to WMAQ, a Chicago TV station. “The fact that this all happened is mind-blowing to me. I hope that this brings up more awareness in general for this issue.” (source)

And this isn’t the first time that we have heard of a transportation service discriminating against gay couples. These are real examples of real gay persons experience discrimination. The question is, under a RFRA law as broad as the one signed by Governor Mike Pence, would that kind of action be legal and justifiable as a religious freedom? Could a transportation service driver claim that their religious belief prevented them from transporting a couple from point A to point B?

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