Photoessay of LGBT Folks Around the World

Transgender woman Tiwonge Chimbalanga

Transgender woman Tiwonge Chimbalanga; arrested in 2009 for unnatural indecent practices between men (photo credit: Robin Hammond)

Photographer Robin Hammond brings photos and stories from lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and intersexed (LGBTQI) persons from around the world. His photography is an effort to highlight the injustices and abuse that many face in countries that are openly hostile to their LGBTQI country men and women:

From Time magazine:

Human rights groups say that in some of these countries — including Russia, Nigeria and Uganda — governments have targeted LGBT people as a way to redirect peoples’ anger from the governments to a vulnerable minority. All three countries have introduced anti-gay legislation in the past three years and in all three countries human rights groups have reported simultaneous increases in attacks on LGBT people.

Photographer Robin Hammond, who is from New Zealand, first started documenting these issues when he was on assignment in Lagos, Nigeria, and read about five people who had been arrested for being gay. He then decided to expand his work to seven countries, photographing LGBT people of 15 different nationalities.

Hammond says he wants to improve peoples’ lives rather than simply chronicling their suffering and is today launching a non-governmental organization named Witness Change, which aims to kickstart social media campaigns and put on traveling exhibitions to help raise funds for grassroots organizations that are dealing with the highlighted human rights issues, including LGBT rights.

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