No Shoes Nation Web Series from Kenney Chensey

To give fans who are there and those who are not a glimpse of the concert life, Kenney Chesney has started a web video series called ‘No Shoes TV.’ Kenny states in an article from Country Weekly magazine that “…I wanted to give the people who can’t be there a chance to get the feel for the whole day . . . because some of what happens, you’ll never get a regular TV network to make part of a concert special.”

One thing that I found annoyingly missing from the videos was more direct video footage from Kenny himself. Out of the five that I have watched so far, only two include Kenny himself. Most of the rest of the video is talking with fans and pushing the Twitter handle.

When I think of of the stuff that you’ll never make part of a concert special, I think of the artist giving you a backstage tour; showing you what they do and where they visit in each city; giving you the feel of what it takes to put on a party for thousands-plus; seeing them in some one-on-one talks with fans; and hearing some interesting background stories from some of the fans themselves. While there is a little bit of the latter, what they have is exactly the kind of thing you’d find in a run-off-the-mill TV special.

Hopefully future episodes will be much more robust.

Read the original article

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