Opinion: Target Removing Sexism, Not Gender, From Toys, Games and Bedding

Little girls can’t grow up to be firefighters or athletes and little boys can’t grow up to create great works of culinary art or fashions that make you look your best. That’s the message you might get if you were to listen to below segment from Fox and Friends as they discuss department store Target’s announcement to remove gender labels for toys and bedding.

What Target is really doing is removing sexism from toys and bedding. In a world where we are celebrating the U.S. Women’s soccer team win, little girls need to have that option of choosing soccer balls, play sets and soccer themed bedding without hearing ‘no, honey, that’s for boys.’ On the flip side in a world where we have television shows devoted to celebrity chefs; one of whom has a show that happens to be on the Fox network, boys need to have the option of choosing baking, kitchen and cooking sets without hearing ‘that’s for girls.’

Girls also need to be free to pick firetrucks, police vehicles, science sets and Legos sans the sexism label. Females are just as capable of growing up to be firefighters, police, scientists, builders, engineers and architects as much as males are capable of being fashion and interior designers, wedding planners, day care providers, teachers, etc.

Elisabeth Hasselbeck shouldn’t have let the men in this segment own the discussion and should have been more of a defender of this move by Target. After all, she’s a prime example of erasing gender barriers herself…because reporting, anchoring and commenting on the news is no longer just a man’s job.

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