My Burning Question for Caitlyn Jenner

I have seen a lot of interviews and discussion on Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner, but I have yet to see any of them ask the most burning question that I have; Does Caitlyn still like running?

I have this burning question because to me, long before the Kardashians came along, that’s who Bruce Jenner was; the athlete, the winner of the decathalon…okay, maybe the person on the Wheatie’s box, too, but the real essence of who Bruce Jenner was to me, was the person who loved running.

When I look at Caitlyn Jenner I think ‘who would win in a high heel race between Caitlyn and Bryce Dallas Howard; the actress from Jurassic World? Caitlyn has the running background in her favor, but Bryce did all that running around in the jungle sets with heels, so, she may have an edge.’

I look at Caitlyn the same way I look at Laverne Cox. I look at Laverne as an actress, coverperson of Time magazine and sometimes voice on transgender issues.

I look at Caitlyn the same way that I look at RuPaul. I look at RuPaul as host and judge of a very successful reality TV program, an entrepreneur who has multiple products from makeup to a fragrance  to music and as an entertainer.

I look at Caitlyn the way I look at Wendy Williams. Wendy Williams is a talk show host, someone who speaks her thoughts candidly.

I look at Caitlyn the way I look at Davey Wavey. Davey Wavey is an internet vlogger who provides his own band of commentary on gay life with a goofball style.

It’s great that we are spotlighting transgender people as transgender because younger people need to see that. Those who are transitioning or thinking about transitioning need to see another transgender person identified so they can know that there is someone like them out there. Seeing that gives them comfort for their own lives. But when we focus on the life of transgender person beyond their just being transgender; when we focus on who they are as an individual and their accomplishments and their background, that’s when we really give others like them hope.

So what do you think? Would Bryce be the winner or Caitlyn? And Caitlyn, do you still like running?

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