I Love LoCash’s ‘I Love This Life’

While This tune is defiantly one to be grouped into the ‘Ol’ Dirt Road’ songs that litter country music like beer cans in the moonlight, LoCash’s ‘I Love This Life’ connects with me for the following reasons: 

1) I love the quick pace of the song. The rapid fire of the lyrics and the instrumental carry you along with it. It’s a good head nodding in the truck song. 

2) The twang of singer (Peston Burst or Chris Lucas? It’s hard to tell the boys apart). His high pitch, nasal sound fits a song like this so perfectly.

3) The lyric of ‘I love driving my truck across a railroad track/if you hit it too quick, it will hit ya right back.’ Everyone loves that bounce that happens when you come across the tracks too fast. It is that mix of ‘wahoo’ and ‘oh crap, hope I didn’t scrape up my undercarriage.’

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