Gay History in Tuscon, AZ

From station KOLD in Tuscon, AZ comes this news report that focuses on a little bit of Gay History in Tuscon.

From the first gay rodeo to educational materials, art and the AIDs epidemic of the 1980s.

The start of this history really begins in the 1970s.

A car dealership now, the Stonewall Tavern at 2921 First Avenue holds as a dubious distinction.

“I could have been there, it just so happens that that particular night I wasn’t,” said James Uhrig.

Richard Heakin was 21 years old when he was beaten to death. The suspects, a group of teens, allegedly were on the lookout for gays to attack in June 1976…

…Tucson Pride formed and the city passed an anti-discrimination measure, one of the first in the nation.

See the full story at

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