About Me

Patrick Profile PhotoHowdy. My name is Patrick (know as CowboyRam in gay rodeo/cowboy circles). I am a resident of the Washington, DC area and a bisexual male. I’ve been involved in the gay community since 1997; mainly socially. I started to get a little more involved politically a few years back. I’ve written letters; done lobbying on Capitol Hill; marched in various parades and attended various rallies in the name of GLBT equality.

This blog is an extension of that activism. I view it as an easy way to put my opinions and thoughts out there (I just can’t keep them to myself). I also view it as a way to move our own ball forward in the quest for total and uncompromising equality for Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender people. My hope is that this site is read not only by the GLBT community and our allies but also read by those who are not. Hopefully, they will learn something and gain a take-away that may just expand their views on our community and move them to become our ally (or just make them re-think their positions just a little bit).

In addition to heavy, thought provoking items related to the GLBT community, the blog also includes some lighter items. The “Music and Movie Reviews” contain my opinions and reviews on gay movies and (mainly) country music. I feel that there is a dearth of commentary on gay cinema (if it exists, I can’t readily find it) and I really like country music. It’s a genre that you don’t necessarily equate with gay, but because of gay rodeo and gay country bars there are gay country music listeners/lovers out there. They like music and also like some of the fine looking men and women who sing it. My reviews of country music reflect that; reviewing the music without completely neutralizing the fact that the review comes from a gay perspective.

As you engage in this site, please remember to remain civil. If you leave comments be respectful of other commentators. If you have an comment and it’s a fiery one, express it with some substance vs. just posting “that’s (you’re) stupid (lame, various expletives). I’d like your engagement to be more than just flipping someon

2 Responses to About Me

  1. Keri Williams says:

    I like your approach…civil discourse even about controversial issues. I too think it is important that people take the time to understand the other side.

  2. You seem like a superb, old-school kind of genuine guy … I’m much impressed. Also, your blog seems relevant, interesting and down-to-earth. The latter is refreshing! Thanks.

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