Catch Up with Country Stars gives us an update on some of the great ladies of country music and what they are up to now.

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Lee Ann Womack
“I Hope You Dance.” For avid country music listeners, has a week gone by since 2000 that you haven’t heard that Lee Ann Womack classic? After the track’s enormous success on both the country and mainstream charts, Lee Ann attempted a pop crossover, but it didn’t go so well. Soon enough, she was back singing traditional country music and by 2014, she’d released her seventh studio album, “The Way I’m Livin,” to critical acclaim. Continue reading

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Country Greats Who Passed Away in 2015

Nash Country Weekly has a list of musicians, singers and songwriters who we have lost in 2015. Below is a sampling of some of the names.

In Memoriam: Country Greats Who Passed Away in 2015

Lynn Anderson, 67, singer (photo by Anne Goetze/PLA Media)

Lynn Anderson, July 30, 2015. – Lynn recorded one of country’s most iconic hits, “Rose Garden,” which also became a crossover smash. Lynn won the 1971 Country Music Association award for Female Vocalist of the Year and scored five No. 1 hits, including “Rose Garden,” during her career. Read more about Lynn Anderson.

Continue reading

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Why it Gets Better: 10 2015 Ads Featuring LGBTs

As mentioned in a previous post, seeing Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual or Transgender (LGBT) folks in advertising used to be considered marketing poison. General public sentiment against LGBT folks kept advertisers from featuring our community in their ads. Those that did market to us did so quietly; in specific gay-only publications. That is now no longer the case.

Out magazine notes Ad Age‘s highlight of 10 LGBT advertisements of 2015.

My two favorites are the Tiffany’s ad and the Campbell’s Soup ad below. I like them both because Continue reading

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Why It Gets Better: You Can Help Promote Tourisim

The Hawaii Convention and Visitors Bureau has come out with a video for their #LetHawaiiHappen campaign which stars a gay male couple. Christian Alarid and Shane Alarid (née Barnes) get a surprise Hawaii wedding with family and friends being flown in from the mainland.

Honolulu Civil Beat notes that both men are in the military:

Christian serves in the Air Force and will enter the Air Force ROTC program next fall at the University of Hawaii, while Shayne recently completed his service in the Marines and is now a full-time student at Hawaii Pacific University. (source)

Their military connection is part of what makes this a why it gets better post. Before 2010 Continue reading

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I Love LoCash’s ‘I Love This Life’

While This tune is defiantly one to be grouped into the ‘Ol’ Dirt Road’ songs that litter country music like beer cans in the moonlight, LoCash’s ‘I Love This Life’ connects with me for the following reasons: 

1) I love the quick pace of the song. The rapid fire of the lyrics and the instrumental carry you along with it. It’s a good head nodding in the truck song. 

2) The twang of singer (Peston Burst or Chris Lucas? It’s hard to tell the boys apart). His high pitch, nasal sound fits a song like this so perfectly.

3) The lyric of ‘I love driving my truck across a railroad track/if you hit it too quick, it will hit ya right back.’ Everyone loves that bounce that happens when you come across the tracks too fast. It is that mix of ‘wahoo’ and ‘oh crap, hope I didn’t scrape up my undercarriage.’

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Social Newtorking Website,, to Close

GayCowboysDotComScreenshotProgress does not come without a price. Our advancements in equality have come in leaps and bounds. We celebrating the joyful time of the holiday season of 2015 with greater acceptance and equality than many in our community could have ever dreamed of when the fight for our rights first started. But that acceptance also comes with a price to be paid. Our greater acceptance and equality means that some of the old ways we had of connecting with each other no longer have the activity and interaction that they once had. One of those ways, the social networking site, will be ceasing operations at the end of 2015.

From the webmaster: Continue reading

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Steve Grand Covers ‘All I Want For Christmas’

Though much more subdued than the original Mariah Carey version, Steve Grand’s cover of ‘All I Want for Christmas’ is worth watching for the same-sex smooching and cuddling.

Gay people have long wanted to see ourselves reflected in the music to which we listen in a way that accurately portrays the way we live and love. Grand’s video accomplishes that. His interaction with the male co-star of his video represents us and reflects us in a way we have long desired to see.

Thanks Steve Grand for helping to break down another barrier with your music.

Learn more about Steve Grand


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