Why It Gets Better: You Can Help Promote Tourisim

The Hawaii Convention and Visitors Bureau has come out with a video for their #LetHawaiiHappen campaign which stars a gay male couple. Christian Alarid and Shane Alarid (née Barnes) get a surprise Hawaii wedding with family and friends being flown in from the mainland.

Honolulu Civil Beat notes that both men are in the military:

Christian serves in the Air Force and will enter the Air Force ROTC program next fall at the University of Hawaii, while Shayne recently completed his service in the Marines and is now a full-time student at Hawaii Pacific University. (source)

Their military connection is part of what makes this a why it gets better post. Before 2010 Continue reading

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I Love LoCash’s ‘I Love This Life’

While This tune is defiantly one to be grouped into the ‘Ol’ Dirt Road’ songs that litter country music like beer cans in the moonlight, LoCash’s ‘I Love This Life’ connects with me for the following reasons: 

1) I love the quick pace of the song. The rapid fire of the lyrics and the instrumental carry you along with it. It’s a good head nodding in the truck song. 

2) The twang of singer (Peston Burst or Chris Lucas? It’s hard to tell the boys apart). His high pitch, nasal sound fits a song like this so perfectly.

3) The lyric of ‘I love driving my truck across a railroad track/if you hit it too quick, it will hit ya right back.’ Everyone loves that bounce that happens when you come across the tracks too fast. It is that mix of ‘wahoo’ and ‘oh crap, hope I didn’t scrape up my undercarriage.’

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Social Newtorking Website, Gay-Cowboys.com, to Close

GayCowboysDotComScreenshotProgress does not come without a price. Our advancements in equality have come in leaps and bounds. We celebrating the joyful time of the holiday season of 2015 with greater acceptance and equality than many in our community could have ever dreamed of when the fight for our rights first started. But that acceptance also comes with a price to be paid. Our greater acceptance and equality means that some of the old ways we had of connecting with each other no longer have the activity and interaction that they once had. One of those ways, the social networking site, gay-cowboys.com will be ceasing operations at the end of 2015.

From the gay-cowboys.com webmaster: Continue reading

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Steve Grand Covers ‘All I Want For Christmas’

Though much more subdued than the original Mariah Carey version, Steve Grand’s cover of ‘All I Want for Christmas’ is worth watching for the same-sex smooching and cuddling.

Gay people have long wanted to see ourselves reflected in the music to which we listen in a way that accurately portrays the way we live and love. Grand’s video accomplishes that. His interaction with the male co-star of his video represents us and reflects us in a way we have long desired to see.

Thanks Steve Grand for helping to break down another barrier with your music.

Learn more about Steve Grand


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Coming Out is Just a Click Away

The times they are a changing. The website Queerty reports on a new option that many people have taken to come out of the closet, via Facebook:

Gay Star News reports that 800,000 Americans in total came out on Facebook over twelve months, posting to their profile expressly to reveal same-sex attraction or specifying their preferred gender.

That’s nearly three times what the number was last year.

Continue reading

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HIV Prevention is a Conversation, Not a Competition

Danny Pintauro, who discussed his HIV positive status with media mogul Oprah Winfrey and later with Raven-Symoné and Candice Cameron Bure on the talk show the View, has revealed that he became HIV positive via oral sex. This statement from Pintauro has lead to criticism of Pintauro within the gay community (see Ken Schneck’s article ‘The Problematic Case of Danny Pintauro’ or read through any of the comments section on sites carrying the story). This kind of reaction is exactly the kind of reaction that shuts down the HIV prevention conversation and limits education.

When we place a standard on who can speak and how you can ask question; when we say unless you’re at this level of educated don’t talk about HIV or ask questions, we instill a culture of shame on people who want to converse, be educated and learn about HIV infection and prevention. We engaged in the same shame tactic, subtly, that we were criticizing Symoné and Bure of engaging in.

We should proved some grace to those who may not Continue reading

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Today in LGBT History: Gay Relationships are ‘All In the Family’

Writer and video commentator Matt Baume breaks down history and impact the barrier-breaking All In the Family episode ‘Cousin Liz.’

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Let’s Stop Shaming Ourselves on HIV/AIDS Prevention

In the fall of 2015 Danny Pintauro, who came out as gay in the late 1990s, revealed that he has been HIV positive for since the age of 27 in an interview with media mogul Oprah Winfrey. Shortly after that interview, Pintauro appeared on The View talk show with hosts Candice Cameron Bure and Raven-Symoné. During the interview Cameron Bure asked Pintauro if he “took responsibility” for his actions related becoming HIV positive (at the 3:00 mark).

This question from Cameron Bure led a few gay bloggers to claim that she was blaming the victim, or shaming Pintauro for his HIV status. I don’t see it that way.

Whenever we in the gay community talk about prevention of HIV transmission we talk about Continue reading

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My Burning Question for Caitlyn Jenner

I have seen a lot of interviews and discussion on Bruce Jenner’s transition to Caitlyn Jenner, but I have yet to see any of them ask the most burning question that I have; Does Caitlyn still like running?

I have this burning question because to me, long before the Kardashians came along, that’s who Bruce Jenner was; the athlete, the winner of the decathalon…okay, maybe the person on the Wheatie’s box, too, but the real essence of who Bruce Jenner was to me, was the person who loved running.

When I look at Caitlyn Jenner I think ‘who would win in a high heel race between Caitlyn and Bryce Dallas Howard; the actress from Jurassic World? Caitlyn has the running background in her favor, but Bryce did all that running around in the jungle sets with heels, so, she may have an edge.’

I look at Caitlyn the same way I look at Laverne Cox. I look at Laverne as an actress, coverperson of Time magazine and sometimes voice on transgender issues.

I look at Caitlyn the same way that I look at RuPaul. I look at RuPaul as host and judge of a very successful reality TV program, an entrepreneur who has multiple products from makeup to a fragrance  to music and as an entertainer.

I look at Caitlyn the way Continue reading

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Why It Gets Better: Our New Goal; Diversity within Diversity

With the release of the trailer for the movie Stonewall there has been much disappointment and discussion over the lack of representation of diversity within the characters. This mainly focuses on the lack of people of color and lack of transgender people within the trailer.

Back in the day, we used to complain about not having any representation at all. We were never on screen overtly as lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender folks. When we were on screen covertly it was as a fop, a joke, something to be laughed at or a wackadoodle, Continue reading

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