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Random Eye Candy: Adam Lambert as Queen’s Frontman

Singer Adam Lambert has been touring with the band Queen, best known for their songs ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ and ‘We Will Rock You’, as their frontman. Lambert calls the chance to sing with the legendary band a “gig of a lifetime.” … Continue reading

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Adam Lambert Says Vote on Md.’s Question 6

For someone who said he “might not fit in with what’s best for the community as far as us progressing with society.” (source), Adam Lambert sure summed up equal rights, religious freedom and the importance of voting pretty succinctly. From … Continue reading

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The Economics of Gay Marriage Equality: Adam Lambert Gets it

Even glam-rocker Adam Lambert has a better grasp than GOProud of the economic tie to gay marriage equality. From METROWEEKLY: “Ideally, that’s what being an American is — that we all have a shot [at marriage]. I hear a lot of … Continue reading

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Music Review: Adam Lambert’s ‘Trespassing’

Adam Lambert is Number 1; as he should be. Joe Jervis over at Joe. My. God. Is reporting that Adam Lambert’s Trespassing CD has gone number 1 on the Billboard 200 Music Charts: ‘For the first time, one “American Idol” … Continue reading

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Quote of Day: Outlaws Of Love

They say we’ll rot in Hell/ But I don’t think we will/ They’ve branded us enough –Adam Lambert, Rune Westberg, BC Jean ‘Outlaws Of Love’ Tresspassing

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Does Adam Lambert Make Us ‘Embarrassed to be Gay’? He Shouldn’t

I opened up my mailbox yesterday to find Adam Lambert peeking out at me. He is May’s cover story for Instinct Magazine. In the interview, Lambert talks about his upcoming album, Trespassing; his relationship with boyfriend Sauli Koskinen, a Finish reality … Continue reading

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