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African-American Support for Gay Marriage Equality: Steve Harvey

Washington, DC’s MetroWeekly interviews comedian Steve Harvey at the Mark Twain Awards (Ellen Degeneres was the recipient) were he gives some common sense commentary on his views about gays and gay marriage equality.

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Stunningly Beautiful Wedding Video Demonstrates African-American Support for Gay Marriage Equality

For those on the anti-equality side who like to claim that all African-Americans are against marriage equality, perhaps they should take a look at the below video. Congratulations to Robert and Nathanael. What a beautiful piece of media to remember your … Continue reading

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A Gay Affirming Church in Harlem

While a lot of news outlets are focusing on African-American’s opposition to gays and gay marriage equality, the New York Times highlights the Rivers at Rehoboth church, which accepts and celebrates our African-American LGBT brothers and sisters. In a church nestled … Continue reading

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