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Continuing the Gay Marriage Equality Conversation in North Carolina — via Billboard

WSOC-TV in Charlotte is reporting on a San Diego church’s response to the discrimintory Amendment One in North Carolina which bans gay marriage equality and other gay relationship recognitions like civil unions: A California church [has] put up a billboard in west … Continue reading

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Support A North Carolina Business that Supported Us

The New York Times has a profile piece on Replacements, Ltd, a North Carolina business started by Bob Page that specializes in the sale of new and antique china, silver and glassware (‘A Company’s Stand for Gay Marriage, and Its Cost’). The … Continue reading

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Marching for Gay Marriage Equality in North Carolina

The Advocate has an excellent slide show of photos from a march to protest the recent North Carolina vote to ban any recognition of gay relationships. The protesters plan to march the 14th of every month in reference to the 14th Amendment to … Continue reading

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Time Capsule Quote of the Day: NOM’s Brian Brown on Marriage Support Trends

Brian Brown, of the National Organization for Marriage, has put out is reaction to the passage of the constitutional ban on gay marriage and civil unions in North Carolina. In his statement, he discusses how this vote shows a growing trend for … Continue reading

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Say ‘WE DO’ Tar Heelers, no Matter What the Constitution Says

A reminder that there is something that you can do to demonstrate against the inequality that has just been consecrated to the North Carolina Constitution. Join the WE DO campaign. Over May 9-15 the WE DO campaign will be taking … Continue reading

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We’re Here, We Queer and We’re Not Going Anywhere

North Carolina has now become the 31st state in the union to add a constitutional amendment baring gay marriage. Something I am sure in the not too distant future they will not be touting on their ‘Welcome To..’ signs or … Continue reading

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Don’t High-Five Yourselves Over Your Win, North Carolina, ‘Cuz That Would Be Gay

Amendment 1, which bans gay marriage and civil unions in the state of North Carolina, has passed as of this writing; with about 60 percent of the vote. But if you go high-fiving yourselves over your win, traditional marriage supporters, realize that action … Continue reading

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