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The Evolving Language of LGBTs: Animal Classifications

In a previous post, I blogged about Fusion TV’s trip to Bear Week. In the short television clip, they provided definitions on the different classifications of Bears within that community subgroup: Polar Bear, the older bear type; Cub, the younger … Continue reading

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Tom Goss – Gay Bear Video Featuring Washington, D.C.’s Popular Bear Happy Hour

Tom Goss’ ode to those handsome, furry bears features one of my hometown bars. At the 2:05 mark, Goss rolls up to Town in Washington, D.C.’s U Street Neighborhood. Town host the very popular Bear Happy Hour every Friday.

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Going Somewhere? Washington, D.C.’s METROWEEKLY Summer Travel Issue 2013

Still figuring out your travel plans for Summer ’13? Washington, D.C.’s METROWEEKLY magazine has some ideas from the four corners of North America, and beyond. From the article on Provincetown, Mass. Bear Week: This summer, for example, you might take … Continue reading

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TV Review: ‘Where The Bears Are’ Christmas Special

The gang from “Where the Bears Are” have a holiday suprise for you: a really funny Christmas episode. Hot Toddy, Wood, Nelson and Reggie and Detective Winters are all back in a very special episode of the “Where The Bears … Continue reading

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TV Rewind: Where the Bears Are

A few months back, I reviewed the new web series “Where the Bears Are.” I thought that it had potential if it could get over some problems: carboard characters, stiff line delivery and not taking its murder-mystery premise seriously enough. … Continue reading

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Will Gay Men Fall Victim to Body Image Issues?

I read a blog post entitled ‘Why The Gays Hate Their Bodies.’ The post was centered around, in the bloggers opinion, of why he didn’t like his body and by extension why gay men in general don’t like their bodies. … Continue reading

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TV Review: Where The Bears Are

When I first saw the trailer for the web series ‘Where the Bears Are’ I was really excited. I like that it’s a series about bears, which I love, and its lighhearted tone. Plus, the production values looked better than some of … Continue reading

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