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The Effects of NC’s Amendment One

Today’s Huffington Post has an excellent example of the possible negative effects of North Carolina’s proposed anti-gay Amendment One ballot measure: Libby and Melissa Hodge moved to North Carolina from Georgia in 2008 — where a similar marriage amendment was … Continue reading

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‘The Marriage Amendment: Meaning Behind the Messages’ kicks off new series in Minnesota

From the MinnPost comes this announce about a new series which will take a look at hot-button issues. The first in the bi-monthly series will be a discussion around the anti-gay Contitutional Marriage Ammendment which will be voted on in Minnesota … Continue reading

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NC Congressional Candidate, Robert Pittenger, Supports Discrimination in the State Constitution

First seen on Jeremy Hooper’s Good As You Blog. Go ahead and contact him; just like he says

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Quote of the Day: Former Minnesota Supreme Court Chief Justice Kathleen Blatz on MN’s Legacy

“At this crossroads in Minnesota’s history we must not allow our state’s constitution to get caught up in the prevailing winds of the day. We may disagree on how best to recognize committed same-sex couples, but I believe quite firmly … Continue reading

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NC marriage question explanation OK’d by panel

I didn’t even know something like this had to happen. From newsobserver.com: RALEIGH, N.C. —  A little-known state panel got more public attention than in recent memory Thursday while deciding how to inform voters about a proposed constitutional amendment to make … Continue reading

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Ohio Vote to Un-Ban Same-Sex Marriage?

First seen on Joe. My. God., The Columbus Dispatch is reporting that Freedom to Marry Coaltion is starting a petition drive to place a contitutional issue of undoing Ohio’s 2004 same sex marriage ban: The Freedom to Marry Coalition expects … Continue reading

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An Inconvienient Truth: Arizona’s Vote AGAINST a Gay Marriage Ban

Those who are against same sex marriage like to point out that either all states or 31 states have voted to uphold marriage as the union of a man and a woman. A few of the more cantankerous anti-gay activits … Continue reading

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