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Music Review: Justin Moore’s ‘Off the Beaten Path’

Justin Moore creates a modern classic with the tune ‘Old Habits’ from his Off the Beaten Path CD. ‘Habits’ evokes some of the classic duets from country. It has the slow pacing, the lament of a lost love, and two … Continue reading

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Kacey Musgraves Amazing ‘Merry Go Round’ Song

I love the honest, unpolished, dirty-side-of-life that this song portrays We are always hearing songs about how fantastic country, and small-town, fly-over-state life is to live. Good to see an artist providing us with another side. Learn more about Kacey … Continue reading

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Music Video Review: Earl Dibbles, Jr.’s, aka Granger Smith, ‘Country Boy Love’

Earl Dibbles, Jr., the very country alter ego of country musician Granger Smith, pulls out all the stops in this over-the-top ode to that special way that country boy can love ya. I like that this video doesn’t take itself … Continue reading

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