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Book Review: ‘American Savage’ by Dan Savage

If you have ever read a Dan Savage column; heard him speak; or watched him on YouTube, you’ve pretty much know everything that is in American Savage. Rather than be any real insights from the twenty-plus years that Savage has … Continue reading

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Effeminate Gay Men Get Fierce, Powerful and Successful On TV

Sex-columnist, gay activist and speaker, Dan Savage deconstructs how effeminate gay men have moved fop foible to fully realized on Television screens. From the Slog: The swishy gay men on Under the Gunn or Drag Race aren’t sitting around waiting … Continue reading

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Gay Relationship Monogamy; The New Normal?

Sex advice columnist Dan Savage, who often helps to guide couples in navigating the issues of monogamy vs. nonmonogamy, is going to find himself either out of a job or with a lot more business as the years go on. … Continue reading

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Focusing on Christian Love to Combat Anti-Gay Hate

During his speech at the 2013 Jewish Literary Festival in Washington, DC, Dan Savage discussed a panel that he was on with Bishop Gene Robinson. Dan said that he found it bothersome that Robinson’s point of view on religion was … Continue reading

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Speaking Engagement Review: Dan Savage Jewish Literary Festival

I went to see columnist, author and activist Dan Savage at the 2013 Jewish Literary Festival in Washington, D.C. Though I am not a fan of Dan’s foul-mouthed Julia Sugarbaker style of take-down and commentary, I was excited to see … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Dan Savage Blasts the ‘Protect Marriage’ Meme

Starts around the 1:00 mark with the payoff coming at 1:52 Succinct. Powerful. Correct. I’d love to see one, real scientific study on how banning gay marriage equality has strengthened, or ‘protected’ marriage.

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Dan Savage Commentary: Straight People Should Be ‘Offended’ By Traditional Marriage Arguements

Columnist Dan Savage tears down the arguments against marriage equality in this funny and thoughtful YouTube Interview

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Dan Savage Tells Us Why It Gets Better

I’ve done a fair amount of posting about why it is getting better for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people. Pulling out events that demonstrate in a concrete manner that we are moving forward; gaining more acceptance; becoming equal. Trying … Continue reading

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Making It Get Better: LGBT Youth Share There Stories via Photojournalism Project

We are the Youth is a photojournalism project started by Diana Scholl and Laurel Golio. The purpose of the project is “chronicling the individual stories of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender youth in the United States. Through photographic portraits and “as … Continue reading

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It Gets Better By Any Other Name…

…would still be just as bittersweet. The Letter Q is a collection of writings by gay writers addressed to their younger selves. Among the contributors are Gregory Maguire, author of Wicked; Ali Liebgott, author of The IHOP Papers and Brian … Continue reading

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