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Today in LGBT History: The World’s First LGBT Same-Sex Couple Registry

via Joe. My. God. On October 1st 1989, An event unlike any before in history took place at the Copenhagen town hall in Denmark. That Sunday, a national law went into effect that allowed same-sex couples to be joined in … Continue reading

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Today in News We Already Knew: LGBT Support DOESN’T Hurt The Business Bottom Line

The threat of ‘taking our business elsewhere’ and the fear of losing profits has, in the past, been something that kept business from being too supportive of lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender (LGBT) employees or too vocal about it. But … Continue reading

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Today in News We Already Knew: Anti-Marriage Equality Arguments Are ‘Silly’

Over at Slate.com, Mark Joseph Stern breaks down something we have all known since we started the fight for marriage equality; just how silly and animus-driven the arguments of our opponents have always been. In his op-ed, Stern deconstructs how … Continue reading

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LGBT Couples ‘Absolutely’ Welcome to Enter Radio’s ‘Dream Wedding’ Contest

WPOC, the country station out of Baltimore, Maryland, is holding a Dream Wedding contest. Since Maryland is a state where gay couples can marry legally, I wondered if the contest was open to same-sex couples. The official rules had notes … Continue reading

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Us Vs. Them: An Op-Ed on the Gay Rights Drama

From Canada’s Montreal Gazette comes an op-ed by a Jillian on the drama of gay rights and equality. Jillian frames the commentary in a protagonist vs. antagonist style. Within this examination, Jillian asks what is the motivation behind fundamentalist, religious … Continue reading

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A Glimpse Into 2016; Political Ads, Now with Gay Marriage Equality Inclusion

Doug Gansler, Maryland’s Attorney General, is running for governor of that state in 2014. Below is one of his campaign ads, which contains a declaration of his fight for marriage equality. This declaration isn’t a blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment or some veiled … Continue reading

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Virginia’s Equality License Plate

From Equality Virginia’s website: One way of showing communities across the commonwealth that you care about LGBT equality is to sign up for an equality license plate! A number of Equality Virginia supporters have shown an interested for an equality … Continue reading

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9 Amazing Same-Sex Marriage Adverts

From Washington D.C.’s METROWEEKLY comes a highlight of ads about same-sex marriage from around the globe. Some are direct; some indirect, but all help to move us forward to full equality: The videos on this list may not exact change … Continue reading

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Why Marriage Equality Won, and will Continue to Do So

Years from now there will be a lot of analysis, writings, films and documentaries about this time in history that we are going through. Scholars, historians and filmmakers will examine our movement to try and determine just what it was … Continue reading

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Miami Beach passes tax equity ordinance

From The Washington Blade: MIAMI BEACH, Fla.—A Florida LGBT advocacy group on Wednesday applauded the Miami Beach City Commission for unanimously passing a tax equity ordinance that allows the city to reimburse municipal employees in domestic partnerships who pay extra … Continue reading

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