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9 Amazing Same-Sex Marriage Adverts

From Washington D.C.’s METROWEEKLY comes a highlight of ads about same-sex marriage from around the globe. Some are direct; some indirect, but all help to move us forward to full equality: The videos on this list may not exact change … Continue reading

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Why Marriage Equality Won, and will Continue to Do So

Years from now there will be a lot of analysis, writings, films and documentaries about this time in history that we are going through. Scholars, historians and filmmakers will examine our movement to try and determine just what it was … Continue reading

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Miami Beach passes tax equity ordinance

From The Washington Blade: MIAMI BEACH, Fla.—A Florida LGBT advocacy group on Wednesday applauded the Miami Beach City Commission for unanimously passing a tax equity ordinance that allows the city to reimburse municipal employees in domestic partnerships who pay extra … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Linda Carter on the ‘That’s so gay’ phrase

Today’s quote of the day comes from Washington, D.C.’s METROWEEKLY magazine. Actress and singer, Lynda Carter, reminds us that even the little things that you do can to help move equality forward: When [my son] was a small child, the … Continue reading

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Hong Kong Transgender Woman Wins Right to Wed

While we celebrate victory in Minnesota for gay marriage equality, across the globe is another victory for the freedom to marry. From the Wall Street Journal: Hong Kong’s top court handed down a groundbreaking ruling to allow a transgender woman … Continue reading

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Ill. LGBT Rights Supporters Counter a ‘cynical divide and conquer strategy’ By Anti-gay Marriage Demonstration

From the Chicago Phoenix: LGBT rights advocates and anti-gay marriage demonstrators faced off on the city’s Northwest Side Saturday morning. Conservative religious demonstrators rallying against same-sex marriage outside a Logan Square church were met by dozens of LGBT rights supporters … Continue reading

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Dan Savage Tells Us Why It Gets Better

I’ve done a fair amount of posting about why it is getting better for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender people. Pulling out events that demonstrate in a concrete manner that we are moving forward; gaining more acceptance; becoming equal. Trying … Continue reading

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