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Today In LGBT History: Gay Spaces Before They Were Gay

Two web sites that focus on local information and history for Washington, D.C. helped me solve a bit of mystery and brought me some more knowledge about one of my favorite old haunts, the former Remington’s of Washington, D.C. Remington’s … Continue reading

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Why It Gets Better: Lesbian and Gay Seniors Tell Us Via Video

From the website Queerty.com, comes this little gem of Lesbian and Gay seniors¬†explaining what life was like for them when they were young; their thoughts on the world today for LGBTs; and advice for young LGBT folks. Just the emotional … Continue reading

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Gay Places and Spaces Have Less Pitfalls than Gay Apps

Every now an again their is a worry in the community that gay bars are going to be extinct thanks to the convenience of gay social apps for your phone like Grindr, Scruff and Guy Spy. But a YouTube video … Continue reading

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Today In LGBT History: Vintage Gay Bar Advertisements

From gay.net: Granted, the times were scary. Gay bars in Los Angeles still went through periodic shakedowns by the police. There were secret codes, like a song change or the lights flashing, to let you know to find a female … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Straight People in Gay Bars

Straight people wanting to come into gay bars isn’t a problem, it’s progress. — Mike C The above is a commentary on a post to the blog Joe. My. God. asking if straight people should stay out of gay bars. … Continue reading

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After 30-Plus Years, DC’s Gay Bar Remingtons Closes

And another one bites the dust. Remingtons, a Washington, D.C.’s gay bar located on Capitol Hill, is closing it’s doors after 30-plus years in business. From The Washington Blade: [Remingtons owner Douglas Bogaev] said the new owner, which city property … Continue reading

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Gay Bars Aren’t Going Anywhere. They’re Just Evolving, Too

The blog site Joe. My. God. posts an excerpt from BBC News on a recurring question within the gay community. With equality for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) people becoming ever more prevalent, will the need for gay bars … Continue reading

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