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Allentown, Penn. to get LGBT Community Center

Though just when and where remains to be seen. From The Morning Call: Allentown is the largest LGBT community in the state that doesn’t have a central, physical community center, said activist Adrian Shanker, who’s leading the campaign. “The idea … Continue reading

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Richmond Va. Police Dept. Names 1st Ever LGBT Liason

From WRIC in Richmond, Va.: Chief Ray Tarasovic has appointed an officer to be the first ever liaison between the department and the LGBT community. Major Odetta Johnson, who already has several roles within the department, will now be the … Continue reading

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Gaybros: New Nickname for the Old Beer Drinking, Gear Tinkering, Gay Guy’s Guy

Out magazine profiles a sub-set of gay men, Gaybros, in an August 2013 article. Gaybros are guys who are gay or bisexual, but whose interests lie more with what some people would associate with the heterosexual world: “Gear, Grub, Guns, … Continue reading

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A New, Comprehensive Term for LGBT?

A London advocacy group, Pink Therapy, is advocating the use of a new term to replace the long-used LGBT (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender): Gender and Sexual Diversities (GSD). the group feels that GSD is more inclusive of the spectrum … Continue reading

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Will Gay Men Fall Victim to Body Image Issues?

I read a blog post entitled ‘Why The Gays Hate Their Bodies.’ The post was centered around, in the bloggers opinion, of why he didn’t like his body and by extension why gay men in general don’t like their bodies. … Continue reading

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LGBTQ Symbols 101

From QNews of Australia comes this article about some of the symbols for the LGBTQ community: The Transgender Pride flag was first shown at a pride parade in Phoenix, Arizona, USA in 2000. The flag represents the transgender community and … Continue reading

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