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Google’s LGBT Inclusive 2013 Search in Review Commercial

A commercial for Google highlighting a scan bit of the the popular searches for 2013 includes visuals of gay marriage equality, transgender teen Cassidy Campbell winning homecoming queen, and out basketball player Jason Collins. So you don’t blink and miss … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Equality Graphic In Christmas Tree Format

Jeremy Hooper, blogger at Good As You (G-A-Y), gets pretty creative this holiday season with this graphic representation of the states where same-sex couples are now able to marry. Hooper calls it “Merry Christmas from the Right Side of History.” … Continue reading

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Flag of Equal Marriage

When we first achieved 13 states with Marriage Equality, I thought it would have been a cool idea if an artist made a portrait of Betsy Ross or a Betsy Ross drag queen sewing on Pride Glory with the rainbow … Continue reading

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Kentucky Gay Couple Fined One Penny for Civil Disobedience

A Kentucky gay couple, who were arrested for staying in a Jefferson County clerk’s office past closing time to protest the office’s denial of a marriage license to them, had their trial end with a trespassing conviction and a fine … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: ‘Discrimination Has Gone On Long Enough’

A federal judge should strike down Utah’s same-sex marriage ban because the precedent has been set by the U.S. Supreme Court and discrimination has gone on long enough… From an Associated Press article via theindependent.com Read the full article

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The Marriage Mission The National Organization for Marriage Will Never Take On

In the news these first few weeks of November 2013 has been the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) finding itself in the red to about $1 million dollars for 2012. Good-As-You blogger, Jeremy Hooper, comments this deficit of funds comes … Continue reading

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Meet the Men Behind West Point’s Gay Marriage Ceremony

In November of 2013, West Point had their first same-sex marriage ceremony involving two men (The Academy had done ceremonies involving two women previously). Now meet the men behind this part of history, Daniel and Larry Lennox-Choate. From ‘LENS’ in … Continue reading

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