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Movie Review: The Butch Factor

The Butch Factor, from director Christopher Hines, could be called a movie about trying to fit in when you don’t fit in with–even those who don’t fit in. It’s an examination of the the straight appearing gay or bisexual man … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day: Birthday Invites for Gender Nonconforming Kids

Today’s quote of the day comes from one of my favorite blogs, Raising my Rainbow. Raising my Rainbow is the blog of a mom’s experience raising a gender nonconforming child. C.J., Rainbow Mom’s son, love pink, sparkly stuff, throwing sassy … Continue reading

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This is Why We Fight For Equality

Raising My Rainbow is a blog from a mom who is raising a gender nonconforming son. Her latest post sums up the reasons why we as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBTQ) people are all fighting for equality: How do … Continue reading

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I Must Have Missed the Passage in the Bible where Jesus Says to Punch Your Kids

If you have read any blogs or websites today LGBT or otherwise, you have probably heard about the infamitory comments made by Sean Harris, Pastor of Berean Baptist Church in Fayettville, NC. If you missed it listen to the below. … Continue reading

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Owning It

This repost comes from one of my favorite blogs, Raising My Rainbow, which is about a mom’s journey as she raises a gender non-conforming son. In this post she writes about her pride in her eldest son’s defense of his … Continue reading

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No Limits Playtime Equals No Limits for a Lifetime

The following I discovered via one of my favorite blogs, Raising My Rainbow, a fantastic blog about raising a gender nonconforming son. Pink & Blue is a film project by James Parris about how the subtle messages that we send children … Continue reading

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Playing (gender noncoforming) House

This post a highlight of a post from one of my favorite blogs, raisingmyrainbow.com. It’s a blog about a mother raising her pink, sparkly, wig and doll-loving son. It’s a fantastic blog that more than once has put a smile on my … Continue reading

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