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International Olympic Committee vs. Real World on Anti-Gay Laws

The below is a screen shot from the blog Joe.My.God. Click on the image to enlarge it for better reading. While Nigeria is not Russia, the fact that these articles appear next to each other speaks to the problem with … Continue reading

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Why It Gets Better: You Could Own A Small Business

Blogger Joe Jervis from Joe. My. God. points us to the below gay-owned ACE Hardware store located in San Diego which was named ‘coolest hardware store on the planet.’ The advancement that this shows may not be something as tangible … Continue reading

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Grab a Hankie: Grandparents For Marriage Equality

First saw this on Joe. My. God. It’s very touching; hence, the repost. I love how not only is this an older straight couple showing support but also that the grandfather is a religious leader.¬†Busting two¬†memes at the same time.

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