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Religious Support for LGBTs: 10 Pro-LGBT Religious Women You Should Know

From advocate.com comes an op-ed of the ’10 Pro-LGBT Religious Women You Should Know’ Reverend Dr. Christine Wiley is co-pastor of Covenant Baptist United Church of Christ, the first traditionally black church in the District of Columbia to perform same-sex … Continue reading

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Southern Methodist University Starts a Picture Campaign to Support LGBTs

From The Daily Campus: LGBT equal rights. Three words that stir up a lot of emotion and controversy, but supporters of equality on the SMU campus want to send out a different message. April is “Pride Month” and Valerie Erwin, … Continue reading

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This is Why We Fight For Equality

Raising My Rainbow is a blog from a mom who is raising a gender nonconforming son. Her latest post sums up the reasons why we as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBTQ) people are all fighting for equality: How do … Continue reading

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Where SOME Country Artists Stand with LGBT Support

advocate.com has listing of some country artists who, in their words, “Support LGBT Equality.” While some of the quotes are more shrugs than support from their shoulders, I thought it was at least worth a highlight to see where some … Continue reading

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Why It Gets Better: A Father’s SUPPORTIVE Reaction to his Gay Son

First some background: February 2012, Amelia, a blogger over at Huffington Post wrote about her 7-year-old son who told her that he was gay and her reacation (in this case non-reaction) to the announcement. Now, we get Dave’s, the dad, reaction to it: … Continue reading

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