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(Anti-Gay) Marriage (Equality) Minute from Across the Pond

How many of you believe in Déjà vu? How many of you believe in Déjà vu? It’s so weird. I’m blogging about this UK Marriage Minutes and I’m thinking that I know I’ve seen this before, but I just can’t … Continue reading

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Debunking Minnesota Marriage Minute Ep. 33

Below is the latest installment from Minnesota Marriage Minute. Pay particular attention to the highlighted articles that come at 0:57. Beyond the point of that this video really seems to help argue the points in favor of letting same-sex couples … Continue reading

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Minnesota Marriage Minute Can’t Even Get the Facts Straight

In the latest version of Minnesota Marriage Minute, Kalley Yanta, references a lawsuit by two lesbians who were refused services by a Christian physician as one of the “dangers” if gay marriage equality isn’t banned in Minnesota (see 0:41 of below … Continue reading

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