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Tweet of the Day: Ariz. Sheriff Paul Babeu Cheers Veto Of SB 1062

SB 1062 was Arizona’s bill that would allow someone to use a “sincerely held religious belief” as a reason and defense to not provide services. The bill was mainly seen as a means of legalizing discrimination against gay people. It … Continue reading

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The ‘REAL’ Problem with Log Cabin Republican’s Endorsement of Mitt Romney

Casey Pick, the program director for Log Cabin Republicans, writes on BlogHer about the reasoning behind Log Cabin Republicans qualified endorsed of Mitt Romney. The defense is peppered with ‘he’s not so bad’ and ‘we can work with him’ statements which would have been … Continue reading

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Romney, As Mass. Governor, Opposed Birth Certificate Changes for Same-Sex Parents

Here’s a little glimpse of what Lesbian, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender people may expect in the area of parenting from a Romney Presidency. From The Boston Globe: It seemed like a minor adjustment. To comply with the Massachusetts Supreme Judicial … Continue reading

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Log Cabin Republicans Become Cowardly Lion with Romney Endorsement

Another friend of Dorothy has now become the Cowardly Lion. Instinct Magazine is reporting that the gay conservative group, Log Cabin Republicans, have officially endorsed Mitt Romney for President with the laughable statement below (if the stakes weren’t so high … Continue reading

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LGBT Issues in the Decision 2012 Debates: A Help or a Hinderence?

The Washington Blade notes that Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) issues were missing from the first 2012 Presidential Debate: The 90-minute debate was virtually devoid of LGBT issues as the candidates clashed over broader economic issues and health care … Continue reading

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AZ Sheriff Paul Babeu Cleared of Wrongdoing

Back in February, Arizona Sherriff Paul Babeu was caught up in a bit of scandal. Allegedly he was accused of threatening to deport a former boyfriend if the boyfriend made their relationship public. Babeu at the time was co-chair of Mitt … Continue reading

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Once Again, National Organization for Marriage Exploits African-American’s For Their Support

In a July 11th blog post, Brian Brown, President of the National Organization for Marriage (NOM) once again trots out the ‘African-American support’ trope for show and tell: “Governor Romney has it exactly right that marriage as the union of one man … Continue reading

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@jimmylasalvia Equality IS About The Economy, Stupid

Jimmy LaSalvia got into a debate this week on Current TV with The Young Turks host Cenk Uygur over GOProud’s endorsement of Mitt Romney for President. LaSalvia’s point was the endorsement was about jobs and the economy and Cenk’s point was Romney … Continue reading

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Donor to Romney: ‘I want my money back’

While most of the news is on what effect Obama’s evoluion to gay marriage equality support will have on his candidacy, CNN’s Political Ticker is reporting on the effect Romney’s non-support of gay relationships is having. Bill White, chairman and … Continue reading

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Obama Campaign Video Highlighing Mitt Romney’s ‘Backwards’ View on Gay Marriage Equality

Well, that was fast. In barely the time it took me to write and publish my post on why Barack Obama’s support of same-sex marriage would be a good thing and where I stated that he may be “more comfortable with … Continue reading

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