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Rayna Jaymes Real Life Counterpart is Lee Ann Womack

We’ve been looking at the wrong flame-haired┬ábeauty. Since the TV series ‘Nashville’ hit the air in 2012, speculation has run rampant about who the main character of┬áRayna Jaymes is based upon. Reba McEntitre has been the front-runner in most conversations, … Continue reading

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Random Eye Candy: Actress Connie Britton; WebMD Covergirl

Connie Britton, a lady who give my heart the thumpa-thumpas, is on the cover of the January/February 2014 issue of WebMD magazine. In the article, Britton talks about the loss of her parents to two different forms of cancer. How … Continue reading

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Random Eye Candy: Chris Carmack as Will Lexinton

Will Lexington is Nashville series maybe gay, maybe bisexual cowboy trying to make it in music city played by Chris Carmack. His story, I think, is one of the more interesting on the show. Though they have only touched a … Continue reading

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‘What If I Was Willing’: The Next Big Hit Out Of ‘Nashville’

When I first heard this song it was on a date. I had a hard time focusing on what the guy was saying I enjoyed the tune so much. It is fun, sexy and the fact that it is sung … Continue reading

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‘A Terrible Kind of Fame’ Country Stardom and the Closet

Out magazine’s October issue has a short article interview with actor, Chris Carmack. Carmack stars as Will Lexington on ABC’s Nashville series. Lexington is gay (or, possibly, bisexual), but playing straight to follow his dream of being a country artist. … Continue reading

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Connie Britton on Katie Couric

In case you missed it, here’s the interview of Nashville series star, Connie Britton on Katie Couric from February 2013. Ya, Katie, Charles Esten is hot. And where do I get into that line to be Connie Britton’s husband? Related … Continue reading

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The Real Nashville Artists Trying to Make It

Fans of ABC’s Nashville television show watch Gunner, Scarlett, Avery and, now, Will trying to make it into the music business. They play where ever and for anyone who will listen. The real Nashville, Tennessee is much the same. Lower … Continue reading

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