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Washington State’s Version of ‘Papers Please’ for Domestic Partners

One of the side benefits of gaining gay marriage equality is that it shows some of the ways in which anything less than marriage is inadequate. Take a look at the below. It is a card issued to couples who … Continue reading

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Kiss-Ins as Indirect Action Protest

Debate is taking place among gays about the recent Chick-fil-A kiss-in protests. Are they an effective tool for combating anti-gay policies, speech and law? Or are they too¬†confrontational; providing our opponents with potential propaganda they can use stymie our equality … Continue reading

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Come for the Souvenirs; Stay for the Cross Burning

The below isn’t a flashback article from Jeremy Hooper at goodasyou.org reminding us of the sameness in the struggle for civil rights. The below comes to us right from today. Pam Spaudling, blogmistress of Pam’s House Blend, reminds us why … Continue reading

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Donor to Romney: ‘I want my money back’

While most of the news is on what effect Obama’s evoluion to gay marriage equality support will have on his candidacy, CNN’s Political Ticker is reporting on the effect Romney’s non-support of gay relationships is having. Bill White, chairman and … Continue reading

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Fighting the “Bathroom Bill” Meme

I love the posts of Autum Sandeen over on Pam’s House Blend. Autum writes with a lot of thought and intelligence in her posts which focus on transgender issues. In her latest post, she focuses on challenging the anti-trans meme … Continue reading

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Remember to Thank Our LGBT Supporters

Laurel Ramseyer, writing over at Pam Spaulding’s Pam’s House Blend, has an excellent idea; thank those who come out support marrige equality. This is something that we shouldn’t¬†forget about in our quest for equality. While we are busy writing blog … Continue reading

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