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Headlines of the Day from this Historic Election

Below are my two picks for the headlines on this historic day. These are both running on the Seattle Times website. I flipped them (Obama’s article was the lead) because I felt that complimented the feel of our community more. … Continue reading

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Gay Marriage Equality Economics: Estate Taxes

Since GOProud founders Jimmy LaSalvia and Chris Barron seem so misguided about how economics is tied to gay marriage equality, I thought a little education for them, and us all, was in order. From The Christian Science Monitor via msnbc: ATLANTA … Continue reading

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Time Capsule Quote of the Day: Obama a One-Term President Over Gay Marriage Equality Support

The “Time Capsule Quote of the Day” are quotes made by that predict some future outcome. I post them and then put them into a magic time capsule to be examined later to see if they became true or not. … Continue reading

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Donor to Romney: ‘I want my money back’

While most of the news is on what effect Obama’s evoluion to gay marriage equality support will have on his candidacy, CNN’s Political Ticker is reporting on the effect Romney’s non-support of gay relationships is having. Bill White, chairman and … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney Presidential Pretzel Candidate?

Well, this is going to be fun. Politico has an excellent article on how Romney’s stance on gay marriage equality differs from that of some of his donors: Mitt Romney’s opposition to gay marriage, which helped  endear him to conservative … Continue reading

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