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Today in LGBT History: Marching for Our Rights In Washington, D.C. circa 1965

As we are a week away from another historic moment in gay rights history with the April 28th Supreme Court Cases on Marriage Equality, we are reminded by ABC news of another milestone in gay history that happened around this … Continue reading

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LGBT History: The Black Cat Protest; The West Coast’s Stonewall

The website, Ventura County Pride, helps to expand our knowledge in Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) history with a posting about a protest against a raid on the gay bar The Black Cat. February 11, 1967 is not a … Continue reading

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Time Capsule Photos of the Day

With all the debate about the pros and cons of the kiss-in protests of Chick-fil-A, I thought there was another opportunity to do a time capsule post. Time capsule posts are posts on this blog that consist of¬†quotes, news, video … Continue reading

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Kiss-Ins as Indirect Action Protest

Debate is taking place among gays about the recent Chick-fil-A kiss-in protests. Are they an effective tool for combating anti-gay policies, speech and law? Or are they too¬†confrontational; providing our opponents with potential propaganda they can use stymie our equality … Continue reading

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