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Quote of the Day: Sen. Ed Murray of Seattle

Speaking to the crowd after returns were announced, an emotional Sen. Ed Murray, of Seattle, primary sponsor of Washington’s same-sex-marriage legislation, said, “We celebrate tonight not the victory of one set of Washingtonians over another; instead, we celebrate the belief … Continue reading

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Headlines of the Day from this Historic Election

Below are my two picks for the headlines on this historic day. These are both running on the Seattle Times website. I flipped them (Obama’s article was the lead) because I felt that complimented the feel of our community more. … Continue reading

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The Most Historic and Exciting Election in History — Take 2

Today’s the day we could make history (or not). On the ballot in four states are issues related to gay marriage equality. In Washington state, Maryland and Maine, we want voters to approve already passed gay marriage equality legislation. In … Continue reading

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Asking the Important Follow Up Question in the Gay Marriage Equality Fight

BuzzFeed has a lengthy article on Brian Brown, the National Organization for Marriage’s President, about the upcoming votes on marriage equality happening November 6. In the article Brown differentiates between what is and is not discrimination against gay people: “I … Continue reading

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Religous Support for Gay Marriage Equality

For those who think religon means opposition to equality, take heart in the below. From The Huffington Post: The Seattle Post-Intelligencer notes that 63 former Roman Catholic priests will publicly back Referendum 74, which would make Washington the seventh U.S. … Continue reading

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Final Wording for Maryland Gay Marriage Equality Referendum Set

and, in my opinion, this is the most clear language I’ve seen for any of the marriage referendums: Establishes that Maryland’s civil marriage laws allow gay and lesbian couples to obtain a civil marriage license, provided they are not otherwise … Continue reading

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Not Every Anti-Gay Mesure Can Make it to the Ballot

While there is some disappointing news this year with LGBT ballot initiatives; specifically, Maryland, Minnesota and Washington all getting the chance to vote on whether loving, committed couples deserve have the right to be married, there is some good news on the LGBT ballot … Continue reading

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Why It Gets Better: Seattle Churches Refuse Circulating Anti-Gay Petitions

First a little background: Washington state is currently in the midst of trying to gather 120,577 signatures to put Referendum 74, which would repeal recently enacted gay marriage equality legislation, on the November ballot. Roman Catholic Archbishop J. Peter Sartain directed churches … Continue reading

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