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Quote of the Day: Generational Gap

Out magazine interviews filmmaker Dustin Lance Black and Olympian Tom Daley about their meeting and relationship for the magazine’s annual love issue. The most striking quote of the interview comes from Black, who comments on the different generational thinking between himself and Tom … Continue reading

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Today in LGBT History: Gay Relationships are ‘All In the Family’

Writer and video commentator Matt Baume breaks down history and impact the barrier-breaking All In the Family episode ‘Cousin Liz.’

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Is PDA AOK for Gay Men

In a Huffington Post article, Amelia, mother of a gay son, comments on the carefulness that gay men take when showing public displays of affection (PDA) around kids: We live in the Midwest, and it’s been my experience that gay … Continue reading

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Gay Relationship Monogamy; The New Normal?

Sex advice columnist Dan Savage, who often helps to guide couples in navigating the issues of monogamy vs. nonmonogamy, is going to find himself either out of a job or with a lot more business as the years go on. … Continue reading

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The Price Of Admission: Equality and Intergenerational Relationships

In dueling blog posts, Michelangelo Signorile and Brian Stone take on the subject of intergenerational relationships among gay males. Their op-eds come as a reaction to the alleged relationship between screenwriter Dustin Lance Black and Olympic swimmer Tom Daley. There … Continue reading

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Live Close By; Visit Often: Short-Distance Relationships

In the July 21 section of the Opinion Pages of The New York Times, Frank Bruni writes about the joys of those couples who live just near and not with each other: If Tom were always at hand and forever … Continue reading

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