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All Year Eye Candy: Nashville Grizzlies 2015 Calendar

What I love most about this particular calendar is that it’s real guys. We all love looking at hot, buff models or the various fire departments in their calendar offerings, but these are just your Joe-on-the-street type guys. The kind, … Continue reading

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LGBT Profile: UFC Fighter Liz Carmouche

Liz “Girl-Rilla” Carmouche has led a remarkable professional life. A former Marine helicopter electrician, she served three tours of duty in the Middle East. Then, as a fighter in the UFC, she catapulted herself into the top 10 female fighters … Continue reading

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LGBT Night Out, The College Version

Pride Night for the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) community have been staples for pro sports teams like those in my hometown of Washington, DC. Outsports.com is reporting on a college version of the same idea in Ohio: Gay … Continue reading

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Sneaker Giant Nike Donates 200K to LGBT Sports Coallition

From THINKPROGRESS: Earlier this year, Nike, the world’s largest sporting apparel company and an absolute icon in sports, launched a line of shoes and other products meant to promote LGBT equality in sports. The #BeTrue line wasn’t just a marketing … Continue reading

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Bull rider J.B. Mauney Wins First World Title

My USA Today in Dallas had the below full pager on the back of the sports section. Your first big win, no matter what the sport, is always one that will be the most special to ya. Congratulations J.B. Read … Continue reading

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New Sports Program Tells LGBT Athletes YOU Belong

From Outsports: Former NFL player Wade Davis and LGBT rights activist Darnell Moore are teaming up to create a sports camp aimed at empowering LGBT and straight-ally youth. YOU Belong Sports & Leadership Initiative will host four camps throughout the … Continue reading

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Why It Gets Better: You Could Medal in the Olympics

All of the below people are someone just like you. They are someone who discovered they were attracted to members of the same sex. They probably went through a lot of the internal though/emotional process as you with this discovery. … Continue reading

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